Mark DeLong at COOPER COLE / Toronto

Mark DeLong

Seven Shades of Sugar

Aug. 4th - Sept. 23, 2016

1134 Dupont Street
Toronto, ON M6H 2A2

There are seven shades of sugar in Heaven and rivers of vinegar in hell.

I know this because I backtraced it.

Running around like a chicken that's about to get its head cut off, many points of viewing.

This meaty exhibition is falling right off the bone, the tomatoes are jumping from one vine to the next with minimal bruising, everyone is pleased.

We are Western Chicken, living vicariously by the sea.

Mark DeLong (b. 1978, New Brunswick, Canada) is a self-taught artist working in a range of media including sculpture, drawing, painting, and sequential art. His work has been displayed at Colette, Paris, France; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, COOPER COLE, Toronto; Monte Clark, Vancouver, Canada; ACME, Los Angeles; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, Ed. Varie, Little Cakes, New York; Halsey McKay, East Hampton, USA. DeLong currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.