Summer Show #1 at Lily Robert / Paris

Summer Show #1

9.6.2016 — 23.7.2016


Alex Da Corte, Asger Carlsen, Chien-Jen Chen, Dennis Rudolph, Maya Rochat, Julien Langendorff, Sindre Foss Skancke, Kasper Sonne, Valentin Dommanget, Edouard Nardon, Nathalie Talec,

3, rue des Haudriettes 
75003 Paris 

Lily Robert is pleased to announce Summer show #1, a new group show for which eleven artists have been carefully chosen. This mix of plastic and conceptual vision reveals the identity of the gallery, and proves the continuity of its evolution. recent changes are delicately reflected in the scenography, showing to the visitor the way that the gallery has taken. This creative development promises a fruitful collaboration in future between the artists and the gallery.

Alex Da Corte belongs to the young American generation of artists whose works are metaphor of our contemporary consumer society. His actual exhibition at mAss mocA certainly delivers this message. The installation Funny games, presented at lily robert’s, is based on advertising and commercial languages which are removed from their usual context into a gallery space, giving them another interpretation.

Our Danish artist Asger Carlsen, recently seen at Berlin Biennale is showing here two photographic prints based on anthropomorphic aspect, mixing graphics and informatics which leads to plastic confusion. His new abstract drawing adds some lightness to this presentation.

The Taiwanese artist Chien-Jen Chen who will be a part of the exhibition Uprising at Jeu de Paume, in October, fully reveals here his power, as well as his conceptual vision. multiple references to industrial world and the darkness we can find inside his works give us a general impression of strangeness that frightens the spectator.

Dennis Rudolph, whose solo exhibition The Dark Side of the Portal has just finished, presents a selection of drawings as well as a cyanotype based on the theme of failure and decline. This ultra contemporary romantic classicism hints at the artist’s signature.

Maya Rochat, recently exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, gives a punch that reminds us her solo show Too Much Metal for One Hand at Quai 1, in Vevey. Her art is totally different from a traditional one, resumed in a plastic photography, worked, and burned, bringing it in another artistic dimension.

Between photography, painting, drawing and sculpture, mediums intertwine to leave a great importance to harmony, a major feature that the Parisian Julien Langendorff reaches by cutting, tearing and assembling images.

The Norwegian, Sindre Foss Skancke, was recently invited to take part in the group show at BBB Toulouse curated by élodie lesourd. sindre develops a certain intuitive mythology built on the moment, and, according to him, the works are created ‘in the continuous flow of ideas that leans as much on the memory as on the new connections created at the exact moment that the brush touches the canvas’.

As for Kasper Sonne, he admires deconstruction that conserves elegance and minimalism unique to his danish origins. His painting, witness to this process, leaves the possibility to retrace the genesis of the work until the point of no-way-back.

Valentin Dommanget, who recently joined Berlin art community, invents a post-digital art, a new way to approach painting by comparing different levels of digital cultures. He experiences visual content close to ambient modernity. He has recently presented his new inventions for the project How to make an exhibition (part 1/2) at Les Barreaux, in Paris.

Edouard Nardon, based in New York, comes back to the gallery and surprises us again by his reproductive and minimalist approach using row materials in his works.

Nathalie Talec, who has just joined the gallery, unveils her upcoming solo show at the gallery in October. exploring heroic beauty, she surprises the spectator by her hybrid pieces, unifying her obsession with extreme cold and aesthetics of tranquillity and opulence.