Pedro Matos at Galeria Presenca / Porto

Pedro Matos
Less Than Objects

June 18 - September 17, 2016

Galeria Presenca
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 570
4050 - 379 Porto 

Galeria Presença is currently exhibiting Less Than Objects - an exhibition by Pedro Matos in Oporto, Portugal in a collaboration with Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon, where it was first exhibited earlier this year.  

On the face of it, the body of works presented in Less Than Objects seems, in all, to explore only the domain of abstraction, but what Pedro Matos shows us here is that this abstraction contains, too, the representation
of something. Weaving a skilful reflection based on undervalued elements present in the material reality, of both human and natural origin, that surrounds us, the exploration which the artist undertakes of the interstices between representation and abstraction expresses an intentional articulation between one and the other that seeks to elevate the latter to a status in all equal to that of the former. By recreating and transposing disparaged material elements to a space of aesthetic contemplation, the artist translates the abstract quality of the texture of the random, of imperfection, of decay and mutation, as well as the existing correlations between human action and the effect of nature, into proposals that suggest their sublimation and acceptance.

Working the depuration of these frontier elements, of this formal and conceptual ambiguity present in the reality of the objects he highlights, Pedro Matos seeks to make us focus our gaze on that which frequently, in its original context, is ignored, stressing the singular and ephemeral beauty it contains in itself. Less Than Objects is, in this way, an indagation into the nature of elements that are not really complete objects, but also into the intangible issues they contain, into their quality as conduits for ideas or aggregators of content, into, in short, the contemplation of a poetic significance that transcends their physical appearance.

Text by Miguel Moore

Images courtesy the artist, Galerie Presenca and Undersogs gallery
Images: Bruno Lopes