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Phytoremediation is a bioremediation process that uses special plants (hyperaccumulators) to remove, transfer, stabilize, and destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. This biological process is highly effective on a variety of sites with numerous contaminants. Phytoremediation technologies can be implemented to clean up metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil, polyaromatic hydro-carbons, and landfill leachates. Hyperaccumulators such as mustard greens and sunflowers can draw lead from the soil at former industrial sites; as well as abate radioactive contamination at sites of nuclear incidents such as Chernobyl, UKR and Fukushima Daiichi, JPN. With the potential to significantly reduce future financial liabilities while treating contamination with minimal site disruption, phytoremediation can be a highly effective method of remediating both soil and groundwater.

Working in conjunction with the Center for Contaminant Geoscience and the Environmental Protection Agency, [link] is able to develop unique site-specific solutions. We have successfully developed a number of innovative solutions using phytoremediation for both national and international clients.

Lead is a cumulative toxicant that is distributed to the brain, liver, kidney, teeth, and bones and is particularly harmful to young children.Lead exposure can occur in many ways: inhalation of lead particles generated by burning materials containing lead, e.g. during smelting, informal recycling, and using leaded gasoline. More common exposure results from ingestion of lead-contaminated dust (from lead-paint), and water (from leaded pipes). 

As a small business owner or independent manufacturer, lead exposure can be the last thing on your mind; but as evidenced recently in Michigan and New Jersey, the lead epidemic is far from over. As is the case in many developing areas, properties can have been built in a time before proper guidelines were in place and upgrades were not able to be made to existing infrastructure.

Along with professional asbestos abatement, [link] is a trusted industry leader in dealing with the many environmental hazards present in the workplace.

Fine decorative painting can transform your emerging business from new kid on the block to rustic old world establishment. Available surface treatments include distressing, crackling, smoke treatment, wallpaper peel, smudging, and marbling. Fine decorative painting can be a passport to another place, or just give your business that trusted, time worn, comfortable feel - as though you have been in the community for generations. We have worked with many restaurateurs, diverse retailers, start-ups and even haunted house experiences! Ask about our array of Italian plasters.