Life Eraser at Brand New Gallery / Milan

Life Eraser

Cornelia Baltes / Rachel de Joode / Jennie Jieun Lee / Anne Neukamp / Ruth Root / Shinique Smith

Curated by Domenico de Chirico

JUNE 30 - SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

via Carlo Farini 32, 20159 

Brand New Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition titled ‘Life Eraser’ curated by Domenico de Chirico featuring works by Cornelia Baltes, Rachel De Joode, Jennie Jieun Lee, Anne Neukamp and Ruth Root. 

The theory concerning the Manipulation of Corporeality is strictly connected to historical and social changes that include a metamorphosis of aesthetic and verbal codes as a starting point for a deeper investigation about the subject. Corporeality affirms itself as a research field for every kind of transformation.

In the Nineties, thanks to research in new technologies, we observed a long process in which the body was remoulded. These new body shapes were connected to developments in biotechnology and bio-politics. In the process we also attended to a modification and a loss of human values.

The self-perception of one’s body acquired a new refined and “digital” outlook. This new altered sensitivity is a new kind of aesthetic perception of contemporary change.
We are still in the process of shaping the dynamics of our identity. The conjunction between the lived-in body and the represented body will allow us to metaphorically define the contemporary body redesigned by genetic engineering.

Domenico de Chirico

* All images courtesy the artists and Brand New Gallery