Dark Mimes at ASHES/ASHES / Los Angeles

Nathan Coutts, Antoine Donzeaud, Nick Jeffrey, Brian Kokoska, Jennifer Remenchik, Dylan Spaysky, Michael Stamm, Christian Tedeschi, Jim Thorell

 July 9–August 6, 2016

2404 Wilshire Boulevard 1A, 
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Images courtesy the artists and AshesOnAshes

We’d leave at the break of dawn, even earlier, like 4am to avoid traffic; I was handed this black leather cushion to finish my night on; the streets were dead quiet, on the freeway other cars, other families leaving town; the lunch stop was my favorite, little sandwiches made with so much care, delicately wrapped in tin foil, the ritual of slicing an apple with the sharp folding knife kept in the glove compartment; empty beaches, hair in faces, long dinners playing with portable video games; more video games in the hotel room; all we ever wanted was everything.
-Antoine Donzeaud, Paris, 2016