Single by Alex Wissel and Jan Bonny at ACUD kino / Berlin

A film by Alex Wissel and Jan Bonny
70 min., German with English subtitle

THU 09.06 - 19:00 


Afterwards an artist talk with Alex Wissel (artist), Jan Bonny (director) and Timo Feldhaus (Spike Art Quarterly) takes place.
At 10pm STABIL ELITE play a concert at ACUD club
„Single“ refers both to the relationship status of the young artist Alex Wissel, who plays himself in the same-named movie, as well to the „Single Club“ a club founded by him. After his girlfriend has left him, Wissel searches in the role of a nightlife impresario new recognition. In the basement of the Albanian gambling bar „Bistro Agi“ in the near of Dusseldorf main train station he finds a suitable place. From June 2011 to June 2012 artists throw together with the participation of the audience experimental parties and performances. Due to the complete exhaustion of everybody involved, the space had a completley new look every night. The events were used by many to form new art collaborations and music projects. Therefore the club was a unique stage for experimenting with new formats and catalyst for new bands and collectives like Stabil Elite. The movie is partly about the short era of the club, which was conceived as an alternative model of public space and participative social sculpture. Partly it´s about the fictive story of a young man who loses contact to reality due to permanent self-staging. One could see the movie as the continuation of the place with other means.
With among others Lars Eidinger, Rita McBride, Peter Doig, Agipet Iljazi, Hans-J├╝rgen Hafner, Magdalena Kita and Sibel Kekilli.