Marianne Spurr at Supplement / London

Marianne Spurr / Tracks

7 May—18 June 2016


Courtesy of the Artist and Supplement, London

Supplement is pleased to present a solo exhibition by London based artist 
Marianne Spurr. The exhibition features new wall and floor based sculptural
works that continue the artist’s experimental and process led practice. Central to
Spurr’s practice is the on-going activity of accumulation, organisation and
classification of found materials and quotidian objects.

Spurr thinks through her materials, in search of something, an event or an
understanding. Through various processes she explores and tests the material
relationships between objects in search of free and poetic associations. She
remains open to identifying these associations, which begin to reveal
themselves through their formal relationships.

Guided by an intuitive process or logic, Spurr uses the exhibition space as a site
to further explore and expand upon these material relationships. Time is spent
working in situ, connecting and threading elements and activities
through arrangement and installation, a process analogous to ‘tuning’ the
energy or resonance within and between elements.

The subtle play of the artist’s hand registers as a particular intervention upon an
object – these are often simple actions, such as tracing or threading a line,
rolling a mat, stretching fabric. These interventions all hint towards an appeal to
an imperfect order; distorted and stretched lines, rolled grids, and disrupted or
irregular patterns or surfaces. There is an element of performance, of things in
motion or still in the making, where a sense of actions breathed in through the
body and out through the materials is tangible.