Zvi Hecker at Neumeister Bar-Am / Berlin

Zvi Hecker – Pink Lady

20.02 - 16.04.16

“Pink Lady is a seductive fruit of divine origin, granted permission to be grown solely in paradise.”

Its true genesis is a well-kept secret. The instillation however reveals it when it peels into a
shape of the infamous seducer of paradise.  – Zvi Hecker, January 2016

Neumeister Bar-Am is pleased to present their second solo exhibition by esteemed architect
Zvi Hecker encompassing a single large site specific installation titled Pink Lady.

In keeping with previous exhibitions Hecker offers a poetic and allusive anecdote to
accompany his work and makes use of simply accessible materials found in or having
architectural synchronicity to the building housing the gallery.

For Pink Lady, Hecker chanced upon insulation tubing for pipes, which was being used
in renovation work in the corridor. This tubing has been repurposed to create a spiral
sculpture, a form iconic to Heckers practice.

By unpicking the clues from Hecker’s prose an interpretation could be that Pink Lady is the
forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, the paradise of timeless harmony and when an apple
is peeled the coils resemble those of a serpent.