Rare collisions of purpose at BoetzelaerNispen / Amsterdam

Robert Cervera, Peggy Franck, Tom Humphreys, Peter Lamb, Simon Mathers, Neil Rumming 

curated by Adriënne Groen

De Clercqstraat 64
1052 NJ Amsterdam

Images courtesy the artists and BoetzelaerNispen

Man is driven by an urge to categorise. It is in our human nature to observe and to classify our surroundings. A system used to understand and interpret the world, a tool to express ourselves. Such systems have created a universal interconnection in which each element continuously informs the other. In such a structured setting, wouldn’t it be impossible for a concept such as chance that is indifferent to the relationship between things to exist? Perhaps not when chance is understood as a connected substance, linked to previous actions and decisions yet producing an unpredictable outcome – an ‘unpredicted rational’.  
Rare collisions of purpose examines this notion, displaying the fine line between the directed and the unexpected through a selection of artists who have been investigating the shifting parameters of painting. Attention is brought to the fusion of materials, with each artist’s approach focusing upon a methodical journey punctuated by a series of accidents. Though the amalgamation of ingredients is initially directed, the journey becomes somewhat deliberately fraught and unpredictable, casting the intention away from the priority of a final pictorial image. It is in this process that the developments of these works communicate meaning – a process that relies upon slight recognition and decision making; a directed form of chance.