Eva Taulois & It's Our Playground at Mains d'OEuvres / Saint-Ouen

Eva Taulois & It's Our Playground / AMBIANCE D'AUJOURD'HUI

12 February - 20 March 2016




Exhibition view « Ambiance d'Aujourd'hui », Eva Taulois & Its' Our Playground at Mains d'OEuvres, Saint-Ouen, 2016
Images courtesy of Eva Taulois & It's Our Playground. Photographer : Aurélien Mole

As a musical genre from the second half of the 20th century, the ambient focuses on mood and atmosphere. Its free composition and undefined structure aims at blending a visual landscape. It is often composed of looped layers of sound influencing the space it is played in. In 1917, inspired by Dadaism, Erik Satie created  “furniture music” to describe a simple, repetitive, immobile and decorative music meant to fill the silence, to accompany oneself daily. This music becomes an essential object to oneself living comfort.

Eva Taulois and It’s Our Playground (Camille Le Houezec & Jocelyn Villemont) collaborate here for the first time. All three artists get together around their common interests of design, fashion and craft. Taking Mains d’OEuvres’ location into account, the show gathers fifteen objects selected from the different flea markets in Saint-Ouen.

It feels good to be part of Ambiance d’Aujourd’hui. The exhibition becomes a welcoming environment where the display device invites you to take your time. The exhibition space, the scenography and the soundtrack are all part of the ambient and contribute to the general harmony of the show. This project intends to shift the usual way one presents artworks and put the display devices at the center of the show. If the exhibition can be considered to be a frame, an intellectual matter, a context, here it plays the role of a plinth (literally and figuratively). « Ambiance d’aujourd’hui » is a comfy bubble, a path without beginning or end.

Eva Taulois  & It's Our Playground