Domestic Survival Tutorials: Session 1 at Fokidos / Athens

Domestic Survival Tutorials: Session 1  
Margarita Athanasiou- Lito Kattou  
29/02/2016- 24/03/2016



“I eat no spices and drink buttermilk to cool my body. One look at our prince and your princess will remove all the jewellery herself. Two types of anklets, two types of bracelets, two types of armlets, rings for all ten fingers, three types of necklaces.”

Domestic Survival Tutorials: Session 1 is an open house to explore domestic space as a network between virtual subjects and actual objects. A bronze rail runs through the apartment, from the kitchen to the living-room while a medieval story about love and friendship, ageing and isolation unreels. The garments that rest on the rails, perhaps the costumes of the story’s characters, feature embroidered fragments of domestic utilitarian objects. Clothes protect and project but they also function as tools for the body to manage space. They represent the creation of a space for the body, a body already boxed in the actual space of the fokidos apartment.