Ahu Dural at OSD / Vienna

Ahu Dural
I Mean, These Are All Objects Becomin' Alive By Charlotte, Eileen and Janette

Curated by André Marose
OSD, Kurzbauergasse 9, 1020 Vienna

Vienna Art Week

16 Nov - 1 Dec

Photos: Maximilian Anelli-Monti

"....this sculpture you mean? It is based on "everyday beauty". Nowadays there are more and more online shops that sell these really cheap items. That is where I found all of these figures and objects. I am not only interested in what they portray, but rather in the formal aspect of how they where made. And they come from all over the world: one component is from Taiwan, the next from Mexico, the next from ............................ Bought in the U.S.
In Vienna there are still these old traditional shops, but they will die anyways sooner or later. 
The other day I was so confused between oldschool and newschool: I wanted to autosearch for a word by typing the word into the paper book.
You have to hold the book over your head and twist it around to understand some of the photographs. That you cannot do with an online image. The architect shows us America not from the distance, but from the inside, she leads us through the canyons of its streets. To me, New York had a direct link with sculpture. I love New York, Crazy City. (...)"

Ahu Dural