Elisabeth Greinecker & Anna Holtz at Sammlung Lenikus, Vienna

Elisabeth Greinecker & Anna Holtz

Sammlung Lenikus 
Bauernmarkt 9, 1010 Wien

23.07. - 26.07.2015                                       


Elisabeth Greinecker, Warp, 2015

Anna Holtz, There‘s a Trolley in that Corpse, 2015
on top: Anna Holtz & Elisabeth Greinecker Dance Cunt, 2015

Anna Holtz, Strong Hold (detail), 2015

Anna Holtz, Strong Hold (detail), 2015

Anna Holtz & Elisabeth GreineckerMaterialist I, 2015

Elisabeth Greinecker, Complement (Avocado), 2015

Anna Holtz & Elisabeth Greinecker, Candles (Smokey Eyes), 2015

photography: Anna Barfuss, images copyright and courtesy of the artists

Preggers in the dark.

The realm we set foot on is surrounded by deserts inhabited by various strange objects. It is dark and appears lifeless. Very little, if any, vegetation is shown in this barren land. Plants rarely exist in the realm, for it is very dry. Sentient beings other than us do not seem to exist here. Clouds of dust aggregate the view, empty eyes levitating in the fog. We tend to congregate in areas with bone and stone structures or hide in areas with hundreds of chain-like objects trying to reanimate tunes of ancient times. Floating mirrors capture our last march in reality. The spheres, which are shaped like concentric orbs are littered about the surface. These artifacts have openings which will let us see and observe anywhere in the Human World. 

Schwarzes Wachs an unseren Beinen verhindert nicht den Klotz daran.

Wir gehen weiter durch die Scham, wo es dunkler ist und wir noch weiter wissen.