#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo Sponsored by Amazon Readymades / Vienna

#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo  Sponsored by Amazon Readymades 
Curated by Moosgaard & Garnicnig

Zsófia Keresztes, Angus McCullough, Alexandra Hackett (A.L.C.H.),Andreas Ervik, Stephanie Syjuco, Michele Gabriele, Pau Sampera, Peter Moosgaard, Bernhard Garnicnig

#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo is  a three part project: a series of workshop at a mall, including coke brewing, weapon making and money forgery. Then an exhibition at Lust Gallery Vienna, and an installation at an Airbnb apartment.



With technology invented to fly us to the moon we write LMAO.

After the digital natives were promised fame and success on global markets, they are now confronted with totalitarian networks and corporate structures. They turn their heads away from the screen, as content will be shared infinitely to only disappear in the clouds. Artists scattered around the globe start to look for common grounds in material culture.

The common ground between seven billion people seems that we can all share a micro USB connector. An empty coke bottle will be found in the desert sands and nomads navigate the dunes with a Samsung tablet. Global materials seem to override all phantasies of unique expression, they are consequently identified as new sources for a hyperthnicity formed on the web.  

These so called “poorsumers” moved to the outskirts of physical production, re-using and infiltrating artifacts from the world of corporate mythologies. They work with concepts of the “Archaic” instead of “New”, transforming ideological waste into something magical. By processing brands and products in almost shamanic ways, a higher form of cargo is summoned: Be it future wealth, success or even art. 

“An approach to the now which looks widely, sharply, and especially at global materials ripe for use by our village of disenfranchised consumers.”- Angus McCullough

In cooperation with Making.Artistic.Technology (http://artistictechnology.at/) and the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien (http://www.palaisdesbeauxarts.at/). Supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.