The Elephant In The Shipping Room (Simply Wild) / Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt

Artun Alaska Arasli
Brendan Jaks
The Elephant In The Shipping Room (Simply Wild) 
13/06/15 - 25/07/15 

Jenifer Nails
Kaiserpassage, Laden 41 
Kaiserstraße 62-64 60329 

Yesterday the reason why
Assholes were removed from one’s vision
Was body’s perfection
But what keeps us going is anything but pretty, Theodor
My uncle fell on a saw once
A true anonymity is a good anonymity
First chicken, best chicken
Take your beige and bathe your children in it
My city is a city of one’s own and although our altitudes mismatch
I hope you’re comfortable on your high horse
With your head up your ass Theo
Remember this
I was below the water but I didn’t drown
The axis is your tender belly button with a little mosquito bite above it
Here is your ornament M
I’m hauling boulders and bayonets at you to see what sticks
It was never only kill or be killed in this world, look here
I don’t come to you in peace. I don’t come to you in hostility
Basically I just don’t come at all
I’m sitting at my drawing desk
Trying to figure out if I’m in love
Fuck your drug-free zone
I’m walking in intervals to the window
You do not know what I’m talking about when I say I don’t have another plan Here in your presence, shouts out to my crack pipe
We must often paint in the colors that are the colors of a bruised skin
The knuckles are like hazelnuts wrapped in a beige foil
I’m not thirteen and hurting
I walk over to the window to
Look at the shipyard
A ship is leaving the harbour so suddenly
Do you think it got mad at me? 

Artun Alaska Arasli (b. 1987 in Ankara, Turkey) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions (selection): How to Disappear in America (Recollection), Intersections, Art Rotterdam (solo) (2015); My, my. A Body Does Get Around, Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam (2015), Museum of Arte Útil, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2014); Influence, 1m3, Lausanne (2013); FFM:HH, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg (2013).

Brendan Jaks (b. 1983 in Yuba City, CA, USA) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions (selection): Apéritifs, Château Shatto, Los Angeles (2014); Absent cycle par Immaterial Collection, 22ruemuller, Paris (2014); Absent-minded young typist, Rongwrong, Amsterdam (2014); Genuine Articles, Jupiter Woods, London (2014); Screen Play, SW3G Gallery, Glasgow (2014). Jaks is currently part of the De Ateliers residency program in Amsterdam.

* All images are courtesy of Jenifer Nails