April 9th - May 16th, 2015

Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Yet I marvel still more that some of us, society being what it is, have ventured to conceive another one altogether --- a different society. What can be the cause of so much naivete, or of so much inanity? If the question is normal enough, even ordinary, the curiosity that led me to ask it, on the other hand, has the excuse of being morbid.”
E.M. Corian: Mechanism of Utopia, Arcade Publishing, 1987

Viola Yeşiltaç was born in Hannover, Germany, and is currently based in New York.
The work of Viola Yeşiltaç is a mosaic of seemingly divergent materializations: expressionistic drawings and ‘objective’ photographs, works based on essentially visual elements and performances based on words. What gives continuity to this eclectic body of work is a constantly evolving repertory of themes and forms that recur, migrating from one format to another, from one material to another, from two to three dimensions and back again, in a process that Yeşiltaç sees as ‘performative’: “Appropriating as well as re-orienting is a performative act embedded in the process”.

Yeşiltaç has had recent solo shows at:

C L E A R I N G, Brussels; David Lewis, New York; the Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee, Scotland. She has been included in group exhibitions including the Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerpen; The Kitchen, NYC; 30th Sao Pãolo Biennale; and those at Dominique Lévy, New York; Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul; Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles; Catherine Bastide Gallery, Brussels; Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle; Kunstverein Langenhagen; Bundeskunstshalle, Bonn; SculptureCenter, New York, amongst many others.