Matthias Materne , Nicolás Dupont, Matti Schulz , Moritz Liebig, Andrey Klassen, Frank Zitzmann

Wiener Art Foundation Kunstraum am Schauplatz  
Praterstraße 42 – Hof 2 /rechts 1020 Wien

20.3.2015 – 29.3.2015

Gorbachev is initiated on an annual basis since 2011 group exhibition of five Dresden artists: Nicolas Dupont, Andrey Classes, Moritz Liebig, Matthias Materne and Matti Schulz. The conceptual framework is provided in addition to the jointly completed studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden and many years of friendship and work in Dresden.
Under the name GorbatSHOW, derived from the Russian politician Mikhail Gorbachev and the famous vodka brand, is the icing on the Dresden Art White Russian cross-genre drawing, painting and sculpture from.
"Graphical positions as in the work of Andrey Classes and Matti Schulz take on Nicolas Dupont's allegorical paintings and reminiscent of abstract color field painting works of Matthias Materne and on Moritz Liebig large- and small plastic figure groups and ceramic objects. Common to their work, the discussion of figurative and non-representational form of language whose collective origin, the drawing shows as a defining artistic element. "(Gwendoline Felicitas Kremer)
The exhibits are content as well as in the choice of artistic medium side by side with each other against each other and are not subject to programmatic theme, which can be opened both an enormous tension as well as a vast space for artistic dialogue. Five artists of age from the same living environment and a guest artist make their own individual view of the world is on the art and causes a cross-section of contemporary Dresden art scene in which neither bite nor lack wit nor countless drinks.
"The gorbatSHOW is not just an exhibition. It is an attitude. "(Matti Schulz)
Part of the GorbatSHOW concept is next to the feature, the guest appearance of another local artist, and a legendary after-show party regular change of the exhibition venue. An extension of the exhibition series is being planned, it may be pleased to GorbatSHOW girls or gays GorbatsHOW.