Sebastian Black & India Donaldson / AND NOW, Dallas

Sebastian Black & India Donaldson
Feb.27 - Apr.04.2015

1415 Beaumont St.
Dallas, TX 75215

3 Kimonos.

Two are felt and lined with silk. As such they resemble outerwear. The third is simply a silk garment and better suited to be worn around the house. The private v. the public dialectic, implicit in an art gallery which operates within the shell of a home, is echoed in these works.

The silk is digitally printed with an arrangement of iphone photos of ancient feminine figurines from the Met. They are encased in vitrines which are equal parts container and window. The objects function has been effaced by the haptic barrier, as such, for the pedestrian museum goer they are simply optics.

There are no windows in the gallery but we have cut some into the felt of the garments on display. Not unlike a home, the usefulness of the kimono as garment decreases as its pretence toward didactic display system increases. The more windows the more chilly drafts perhaps. Even Philip Johnson didn't want to live in the glass house it turns out.

* All images courtesy AND NOW and the artists.