Zin Taylor / The Illustrator

Zin Taylor, The Illustrator
Boekhorststraat 125
The Hague, NL

12 Dec 2014 - 25 Jan 2015

images: Courtesy of 1646

1646 is proud to present a solo exhibition by Brussels-based Canadian artist Zin Taylor. Taylor’s work at 1646 explores the development of thought as depicted by the caricature.
A fine black line has invaded the gallery space of 1646. The Illustrator entered the bright and empty space where his thoughts appear, as they are composed. Bit by bit this void fills with an orchestration of opinions, translated from the mind, onto the surface of a space, illustrated by the mind of the author. Thoughts compose forms, and The Illustrator is employed to enable this visualisation. The Illustrator gives a face, a name and a role to an idea. And as he speaks, or thinks, a degree of personal vernacular, flare and style colours the communication. A personal, or interior process transforms into that of an exterior, or public one while he is drawing. The bits and pieces are released into the air, composing links from here to there.
The exhibition at 1646 physically traces the process of how an opinion comes about, what it can look like as a visual thing, while using the gallery space as a very large void, the factual blankness of the gallery as a space designed to contain ideas.