Renata Kaminska / Hundred Million

Renata Kaminska, Hundert Millionen / Hundred Million
Curated by Julia Wielgus

Porcino (located inside a hole in Chert Galerie in Berlin)

Skalitzer Strasse 68, 10997 Berlin
Opening: Sunday, January 11, 5-8 pm

After the opening the exhibition will be on for several weeks and can be visited by appointment.

Berlin-based Renata Kaminska examines the language used to describe art in today’s media. In her collages she uses cut up banknotes to cover art-works depicted in found newspaper photographs. With this gesture she points to the excitement of today’s press – a press that focuses on auction prices and exhibition attendance numbers, reducing art to a value system that is solely based on ratings and statistics.

*Porcino is a gallery space created by David Horvitz and located inside a hole in Chert Galerie in Berlin.