A conversation with Valentinas Klimašauskas

I'd like to see a conversation between other conversations that take
and/or took places around us all the time.

One of the most famous conversations that was televised is a conversation
between two philosophers Noam Chomsky (b.1928) and Michel Foucault
(1926-1984)that was recorded for Dutch television in 1971.

I often return to it in a similar manner as Gene Hackman's character
returns to his tapes in  "The Conversation" (1974), an American
psychological thriller film written, produced and directed by Francis Ford

Do you know what the Turing test is? It tests machine's ability to exhibit
intelligent behaviour. In Turing's original illustrative example, a human
judge engages in a natural language conversation with a human and a
machine designed to generate performance indistinguishable from that of a
human being. All participants are separated from one another. If the judge
cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to
have passed the test. A fictional version of this test took place in
"Blade Runner" movie and there it was called a Voight-Kampff Test,
designed to provoke an emotional response.

Andy Warhol eating a hamburger will go for a silent talker.

A video of the New York School of poetry's Frank O'Hara (1926–1966)reading
"Having a coke with you" as read in his flat in New York in 1966, shortly
before his accidental death.

Although introduced in this order, the order of appearance in this and
other conversations is to stay unknown.