DAILY LAZY showing YES, BUT at ainsA friday, 11.april

DAILY LAZY showing YES, BUT at ainsA friday, 11.april

köpenickerstrasse 4
10997 berlin FRIDAYOFLOVE
coming up friday 04.11 9pm

boy loves girl


come and drink with Stelios Karamanolis, Tula Plumi, Fridey Mickel, Jurgen Ostarhild

DAILY LAZY showing YES, BUT, by TASIOS PAVLOS athen 1972


...since march 14th 2014 every friday night an artshow
in collaboration with FRIDEY MICKEL, ainsA and JURGEN OSTARHILD 

Plot:The movie takes place in Athens during it's dictatorship in early 70s. A young man, Fanis, works at a funeralhome and lives an ordinary life with a woman whom he doesn't love, but was forced to marry due to societal ethics. His everyday is constant oppression and he creates fantasies with other women he meets. His wife's infertility deprives even the possibility to find meaning in his marriage through the child. Randomly he meets a student, Melanie, on whom he develops a crush.

-E..pss! up here
-What’s the matter?
-Are you in a hurry?
-Yes I am in a hurry. Tell me.
-If you are in a hurry, it doesn’t help anything.
-Are you crazy man?

-What is happening up there?
-Don’t know..he is crazy

-What are you doing up there?
-I am sitting.
-Nice place you found. Get down, you are going to fall and hit yourself
-This is what I want.
-What is he saying?
-Don’t know.
-And you are not afraid to fall from up there?
- Why you want to do that?

Let me go! Let me go!

-How many years are you married Mrs. Sula?
-With Fanis? Six.. Seven
-If I am disturbing you, I should go
-No, don’t go. Do your job.
-Were you in love? I mean did you live in harmony, good?
-Good.. I could never imagine that.. All of these years our life passing quietly...
We were never fighting. Not even once did he get angry with me. Then, his job, his tiredness.. Why did he do that, my god?... We had our little house.. I was cleaning it without telling me. I had learned how
-So you understood him, before he speaks.
-Yes. We rarely spoke. Between people who understand each other, is it needed?
He was a little heavy.. a little.. you know. Every Sunday we were going to the cinema, he was going to the football stadium. We were having a good time. What else did he want?

-Its ridiculous. A lot of men believe that in the streets it is possible to.. Its ridiculous.. Flirting in the streets. To not know, who is he? what he does for a living?..

- I will tell you. If he speaks to me intelligently, if he is somebody of course, if he has a car, if he has money, if I like him, if..

-Nonsense, there are so many things more important than love. The world is on fire and the..
-But this is also a problem
-Common, today its so easy to find like 100 guys
-You. Not everybody

-Whats the matter my love?

What did he understand of life? I knew him very well,  I think.. Sure he was not a man who grabs life by the hair. He was afraid of death..
The real one, mine is a nickname. He was afraid of me also. I know to get what I want. Him.. And death is a part of our life, the last one
The environment maybe? I mean, if he was working somewhere else
Why? We do trade as everybody. Just that our trade is the dead
I didnt say that
I understand. Maybe.. I could not know. But it was not only the job
Then what else?
The man. You can tell if a man is tortured
-You mean?
-In the mind
His mind was working differently. Not crazy
In that sense we are all crazy
I mean everybody has his story. To learn it and understand it , it needs a lot of work. I met him when he first came to Athens

-I am talking to you as a mother
-After all what is the interest for me, telling you to marry her?
-But I dont want her
-Nice, very nice, first you expose her and then you dont want her. This is what honest men do?
-She wanted it also. Hate to say, but, more than me
-But you are a guy. She is a fine young girl. She is pretty, well off, you will have a good life together. And the people will not talk behind my back.
-I dont want her mother! Do you understand? I dont want her
-Then get out of here! You embarrass me
-But I didnt do anything. She wanted it also, I didnt rape her. Or promise her a wedding
-We dont know that
-You should know that!
-Her brothers say other things. Anyway the girl accepts to marry you

-She is ill and she has nobody to help her. And I also wanted to talk to you, you understand?
-I understand
-She is my sister. Sula is taking care of her. Its your mother, maybe she can be our mother too. You understand?
We will be waiting, ok?

-The opinion of a movie star, like you, plays a big role. Thousands of people read  and learn what you say and do. We would like to know your opinion about hot matters like love, marriage and happiness. And first of all do you believe that sex should forego marriage?
-Of course it should, I agree
-Marriage is happiness for some but not for others. What do you think?
-I dont know I have been never married
-The way the young people encounter this problem is positive or negative?
-I dont know because there are different opinions. There are people who like marriage.
Lets say that I like marriage and have arguments about it and another person says that marriage is not good and that one should be not married. There is nothing to say after that
-There are a lot of people who are slow about these matters. What about them?
-From what point of view?
-The one you mentioned before
-About marriage?
-There are different points of view you said
-I think that people with low educational  level  have very positive feelings about marriage, family, children
-So, people were happier in the past or now? About marriage I mean
-I dont know. And now is not bad. Nowadays, thousands of marriages still take place, births, loves. People see it more simply. I mean, not exactly more simply, its just that, in the past this was a shocking subject. Like for example, an unmarried couple living together. Now, nobody cares.

-When you have kids you are obliged

-I like good food

-Never mind, its also ok this way

-My son

-After all of these years, how could they save their marriage?
-If she had his child.. A child always refreshes marriage

-A child. Doctor, I want also a child

-The feeling of maternity
-Yes. But my husband should want it also, right?
-Sex is a biological need. By ensuring it, you create
-Yes but is impossible to ensure it, because I am ugly. I am old and ashamed
- The inferiority complex
-Yes I need a child, to hold on, to do something
-Depressive melancholy
-Yes, please doctor; tell me how to achieve it?
-My job is to make you believe that you can do it. How you can do it, is something that you will find out by yourself

-I cant live with her anymore, Your Honor
-She made my life a misery for five years. I dont want her anymore
-Then why did you marry her?

- The financial support came out with the divorce?
-1500 a month
-So you will pay her until you die
-Better this way, instead of living with someone I dont want

-Sure, you have a purpose in your life
-Everything is happening by force. Everything in mind seems the opposite
-I am bored of this word. Patience
-You will suffer
-Thirty years now, I hear it every day. Patience, patience, patience
-It is not possible that everybody get what they want. They have to know what they want
Realistic things
-I forgot how it is to laugh. Its been years since I laughed . I want to laugh
-On Sunday we will go out together

-Yes please
-Are you a taxi?
-No, but if you like I can drive you

-Are you superstitious?
-Not at all! Just very curious
-I would like to learn details because it looks very funny. You are surrounded by a mystery and a fear, its like..
-You mean you are not afraid?
-Its easy to say that
-when you see with your own eyes, when you feel
-but this is what I want, where is your office?

-Do you know why I am laughing? Its not the wine. Its not the first time I get drunk. I am laughing because I can say what I want. I dont care
-Stop it, its late
-I will say what I want. I have been hiding it for days
-Its nice to get drunk. I dont see you very well

-Everything  is turning, you and the room. Everything
-Go to sleep!
-Let me go!

-Good evening
-Are you asleep?
-No miss

-Excuse me?
-Lets say I died. What happens then?
-Some procedures so that you are ready to be buried, I mean the dead
-Can you show me? If I am bothering you..
-No its not that
-I want details. I have to feel
-But its difficult. How can I explain you?
-From this moment I am dead, I will act like a dead body. Please

-I have to... Miss? Miss? We undress the dead and... You insist?

-Can you please go out?

-You are leaving? I shouldnt have. I know I did wrong. I could not Everyone in my position..
-Its better not to talk about it
-Why you came? You knew why you came
- I told you what I wanted
-You are making fun of me. Why?
-None of this matters. It's also my fault. Maybe more than yours
-But you wanted to come. Why did you?
-Good night

-Now its my turn. I mean, what would you prefer? Boy or girl? I want a boy. Its sure, I am pregnant. Girls are having a hard time in this world. I will have a boy

-The lights are turning. I cant Fani. I am afraid. How will I give birth? Come close to me

-The first months are difficult. After that everything is easy

-She didnt do the exams she should have and the child died. All doctors are butchers

-And first of all dont worry. Worrying affects the baby, didn't you know that?
The child needs only good food and sleep

Nonsense, we grew up on the ground. But if Fanis wants to live in a bigger flat, we will rent one

Since ancient times, the mother plays a significant role in the development of civilization, the new man, the future of the tribe and nation is her creation. She brings into light the future scientists, the wise, the artists, the governors. She does a lot of effort

-Your wife is fine; she will recover in a while
-And the child?

-You are in a hurry, the one who is rushing.
-But you said that a child was a solution
-it was. But now move forward with your life
-With one disappointment more. I want a lot.  I want so much. When? Being In a tight position, like they want. My life. I need to be with a person that I like. Do you understand? How is it going to happen?

-In the beginning, he wasnt coming to the house for one week. The loss of his child cost him a lot. You know, he was sensitive since he was a kid. After that, he saw Sula in a different way. The poor thing, what did she do wrong? They suffered very much. He was coming  in silence, he was leaving in silence. He was working hard for hours. It cant be, someone put a spell on my child. She put a spell on him. She put a spell on him! My son didnt know much about women, you should write that.
-I searched the whole world to find you
-Whats the matter?
-Its this job at Patisia and they are in a hurry
- Let them wait
-What did you say?
-Let them wait!
-Listen, we have an office together and several obligations. When you come to work you will leave everything outside. Otherwise..
-Otherwise what?
-I dont know. But you cant expose me, do you understand? I struggled for years to build my name
-Since you think that I expose you, we talk about it and settle things now
-Now the customer is waiting. First we finish the job, after that

-On time as usual
-I am never late

Valid observers talk about a significant genocide. General Namarouhou, after the takeover of his country, in his statement to the press, emphasized the necessity of the revolution. 24 hours after the coup the death count rises to thousands

-This is a job for grave diggers. Can you raise the volume? This is the reality. You cant change it by closing your ears
-I want to live
-So that you die?
-It doesnt matter. I want to live
-You call this a life?

-Good evening
-Hello, how are you?
-I missed you all of these days and..
-You loved me suddenly?
-This is suddenly? I think, since we started something we can..
-Continue even if we dont match with each other
-You dont know that. For you, I can do anything. You will see
-You bring me in a difficult position, but its not going to happen.
-You want me to beg you? To fall at your feet?
-This is a shame
-You are the first woman I ever loved. For me its not a shame
-You will forget it. Sure, you will forget it. I am sorry, but I have to go
-Dont go please
-What do you want? What to do?
-I want to talk to you. We have to talk
-In the middle of the street? Another time
-Lets go to the office, it will not take long. Come, it wont take long. Dont be afraid I wont hurt you. Please
-Ok , let me go

-Why did you disappear? You came, you made me love you and left. Why?
-You will not understand, even if I explain, you will not understand
-I will understand
-Its impossible, we are very different. I think differently, you think differently
-But I love you
-Its not enough. I have to want it too
-And you dont want it
-Why.. You dont suit me.
-Then why you came?
-Thats my business

-Why did you close?
-Its better this way. So that they dont see us
-We dont have anything to hide
-Let's talk
-Ok, tell me fast because I am in a hurry
-Sit down
-I can hear you, tell me
-Open, Open immediately
-My partner may come
-Dont be afraid
-Let me go. I want to go. Let me go you beast! Let me go

-I killed a woman
-You are telling the truth?
-ipokratous 53. You will find her there. Call the police. Its their job
-Anyway, you should wait for a while. I think if we talk about it, you might.. You know..
-I will wait dont worry

-Yes its her
-Do you have other children?
-No, she was an only child
-And this criminal took her away from us
-The journalist knows. My daughter was innocent. Maybe she was a little frivolous but she was a good person. He is a criminal. What do you think?
-I understand. But i am not suitable to judge
-Thats right, Mr wants some information only and thats all
-And i hope I dont bother you
-Since this was in the newspapers, we are obliged
-And the child? The newspapers will bring her back?
-You grow it up, you give your blood and then some bastard comes and
-There is no point in what you are saying
-There isnt? But we have to tell Mr these things so that he understands. She was beautiful, our child. Yes she had modern ideas like all young people today, but..

-What do you do in the winter Melanie?
-I am waiting for next summer
-Good, anything else?
-I study
-You enjoy it?
-I study
-Why? I dont understand
-If I didn't study, what would I do?
-You would be married, lets say
-By the kilo?
-I dont understand
-Back then, they were weighing the bride and buying her in kind
-With oxes, cows, you know..
-Not in that way
-The nicer legs you have the more money you are married for
-You are absolute
-Listen to me. Anyway, we are a trade
-Yes, but there is also love. It is not that simple
-I give my love wherever I like. Its not for sale
-Do you like me?
-A lot
-If I had money you would mind?
-I dont care
-But nobody can live without money
-Everybody dies at some point
-Yes but until they die, they live, other better other worse
-I dont care, they die

-Tell the officer, to return to his position, otherwise I jump right now

-Do you have a cigarette please?
-Yes of course, one minute

-He asked for a cigarette
-The journalist says to be patient

-Keep your distance, dont get so close to me

-How long has he been up there?
-One, One and a half
-You think he will fall?
-If he falls , I will die
-But why dont they do something?
-What is there to do, lady?
-I dont know, to go from behind and catch him
-But you dont see where he sits?
-On purpose. On the edge
-And he said that nobody should reach him because he will fall immediately
-Hm! I will not bear to see. Listen to that!

-Thank you
-Where do you live?
-As you like
-In Peristeri
-There is no point in this
-I told you I am a journalist. Why do you mind?
-All right. Lemesou 40
-Do you work? Worked?
-Anyway this is not a solution, whatever happened

-Your mother told me to tell you I also wanted.. But she told me to come Because she saysAre you ill, maybe?
-Then why dont you come home?
-I am busy!
-All the time?
-Go home! Go home that you dare to make comments!
-Whatever I tell you, you take it wrong!
-I dont have to account for what I do to you and my mother!
-I didnt say that. I told you to come to our house
-I cant bear this!
-If it wasnt her, I would die by myself
-She sends her to me in that condition she is in, so that I pity her!
-You dont even turn to look at me. What am I, an animal?

-His mother and his wife. He will pity her the poor thing
-Yes sure

-Its your mother, talk to her
-What should I say? 30 years we didnt say anything

-The Policeman says that if you come down yourself, your punishment will be reduced
We all love you, we want the best for you. As your mother..
-Get out of here!

-He will not jump
-Its been two hours. If he wanted, he would jump
-You think its easy? Why dont you go up there yourself?
-When he was killing the girl, was it easy?
-We dont know that.
-He killed her?
-Yes but why and how?

-Dont do like that
-Let me go!
-You shouldnt have done that. I am telling you that I love you and you..
- You disgust me
-You are not telling the truth, you are lying
-You are all the same!
-No I am not like that. You will see
-You said you loved me?
-Yes. I have nobody else besides you in this world. I can give you whatever you want, my whole life
-Let me go, if you love me, let me go
-Not today, stay today, please
-My love, I love you, dont push me

-Why dont you speak?
Everybody wants someone to tell their problems to
-This is idiot journalist, trying to buy time, but your plan will not work
-Yes, but you want someone to understand you
- This is nonsense. Nobody understands me
-And this is why you want to die. You have so many years left to live
-In jail? You must be crazy. They are waiting for me. They came to save you
-Because you have to live
-There is no why. This is life
-You didnt answer
-You answered it yourself. You are sitting there for 5 hours now, determined to die, 5 hours! Do you know what that means? It means that your life counts, you are considering it
-I am afraid
-Because its stupid, you know its stupid, otherwise you would jump
-I have to jump

-Why? Am not I man? I am not a man? You bitch!

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