COL O BARA Delivers Injustice

First look on the upcoming "Col O' Bara Delivers Injustice" in thriller/horror style. An action/crime/thriller/comedy taking place somewhere between the 70's and the 80's. Col O' Bara is a cop that doesn't hesitate to play out of the rules and he tends to do that a lot. With his sidekick, played by Nico Pipico (Nick Diamantidis), he confronts the "crem de la crem" of the criminal underworld while making a mess out of everything with their unorthodox ways and their incompetence...A 10-minute promo will soon be released and you'll be able to watch it here at "Theodoras Vogiatzidis Productions" blog.

Written by Theodoras Vogiatzidis and Stelios Karamanolis. Directed and edited by Theodoras Vogiatzidis. Starring Stelios Karamanolis as Al J. Heimer as Col O' Bara, Nick Diamantides
as Nico Pipico, Jim Tsiamis as "Chief", Dimo Balo, Theodoras Vogiatzidis, Georgia Karydi, Stavros Karizonis, Tasos Kasapis and Zoi Nikolaou as Mikaela.