A conversation with Maria Passarivaki


1. Nan Goldin, Rise and Monty Kissing (1988), New York City & Louise Bourgeois, Couple, 2001

2. Louise Bourgeois, The Good Mother, 2006 & Hannah Putz, Untitled 2011-2013

3. Louise Bourgeois, The Inward Vision, 2008 & Nan Goldin, Rebecca on the bed, Hydra, Greece, 1994

4. Louise Bourgeois, Eugénie Grandet, 2009 & Jackie Onassis at an 'April in Paris' ball, Slim Aarons, 1959

''Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life'', Oscar Wilde, A collection of essays titled Intentions, 1891

And what of the art that we never made and the life which has vanished?

When humanity began to discern one of its greatest expressions, art had surely already wielded its charms and unexpected manifestations in the past throughout history.  And if we still enjoy recognizing art, where humanity has passed but it is still historically present, it is because it gives me the pleasure of a perception that has already been lived.  Art stands over its own form, and is a confirmation that life is manifested, almost betraying its very essence to defend the fact that  itself condemns us.  Through art we come to reconcile with life and its most seductive promises: seduction, love, fidelity, history. Every defeat is resurrected by art. The resurrected work of art is as identical to the original as possible, with one exception. However, there is always an added element, a sign standing by its side.

Art is a stolen moment or encounter - often expressed. It can open new roads, it can irritate when unfamiliar. What is true about Art is true about Life, nevertheless.

Some may find my thematic choice presumptuous, but it is not so. Rather it is a set of margins within which I can share what art means to me. I love the works above because their elements possess an innocence to the power of art, something that is undeniable and ever-present today. Within them are people, artworks, moments and rare points of view that mirror what life is for everyone - hidden, unconscious and magnetic.

I close these lines by asking the same one to you....