Binary at Remap4

Dan Coopey, Maria Efstathiou, Margarita Myrogianni, Catalina Niculescu, Peter Nutley, David Orme, Marie Roux

11 Leonidou, 3rd floor
08 Sep – 30 Sep 2013

Mon – Fri 5.30 pm – 9 pm
Sat – Sun 12 am – 9 pm

A description of an operator which takes two arguments
[from The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing]

This exhibition is based on the notion of binary as structure and material. Considering that the coding and containing of any form of information can be done in its purest mode using only the two states that can structure a whole language, binary is also the information that flows through each synapse and that is later recomposed analogically.
In the frame of the exhibition the works function as synapses, the translating part of the process through which the sensory world is compressed and mediated for our limited perception. During this encoding process, the stimulus is fragmented, stripped down to its essential particles, composing a new abstract element that awaits decoding and recognition.