Klaus Kinski daughter accuses him of sex abuse

The elder daughter of the late German film icon Klaus Kinski accused him today of sexually abusing her for several years from the time she was a small child.
Pola Kinski said the diminutive fair-haired actor who died in 1991 had molested her repeatedly from the age of five until she turned 19, in an interview with weekly magazine Stern ahead of the release of a tell-all book she has written.
The notoriously volatile but prolific star of “Fitzcarraldo” and “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and a frequent collaborator of German director Werner Herzog “ignored all protests” by his young daughter, Pola Kinski charged.
“He just took what he wanted,” she said, adding that she lived in constant fear as a youngster of his angry outbursts.
Pola, the now 60-year-old daughter of Kinski’s first wife, the singer Gislinde Kuehbeck, also worked as an actress like her younger half sister Nastassja Kinski (“The Hotel New Hampshire”, “Cat People”).
She said she aimed to go public with her allegations to put a stop to the idolising of her famous father.
“I was sick of hearing, ‘Your father! Great! Genius! I always liked him’,” she said. “Since his death, this adulation has only got worse.”

article via deccanherald.com