A conversation with Dimitris Foutris

The grey tone
of your slippery voice.
To become available
is too much.
The subliminal major depressions
uses the poisonous gifts of disability
to provide you with destiny.
That ugly abnormal presence
at 11.00 here in the circle
finds its way to the next liberty
during bundle promises.
Using the double something of myself
fitting in a nice house
cutting several pages in pieces
and getting about Jessica to study history
a terrible matter that we've discussed in Quarter Stone.
Can we please
have a lousy almost unbearable sound?
How obvious she finishes
her sentence badly.
please listen to me earlier
as i am almost into purchasing something from political happiness.
Because of the sustainability of the media
you can set an other beginning.
Supporting economy
decreasing public.
What color are the toilets
of minus economy?

Clam pearl
A path to follow
after the rain of tongues.
Probably the fate of innocent frogs
to become kings again.
Belatedly forgive
my counterfeit reactions
of a moderate future reversed.
I am sick.
It's called:
The charged avalanche
of absolute wisdoms.

One Day (read breathlessly)
Wake up early
Wash my face
Get dressed
Pack my bag
Lock door
Walk the street
Take the bus
Down the stairs
Take the train
Be on time
Into the car
Go to Argos
Start to work
Take a break
Eat some oranges
Stop to work
Take the car
Back to Athens
Arrive to airport
Have a coffee
Meet the others
Take the plane
To Berlin
Get a taxi
Find hotel
Leave the bag
Take a shower
Down the lobby
Out in the streets
Eat a burger
With some fries
Go for drinks
In a bar
Live music
Back to hotel
Brush my tooth
Go to bed
Get to sleep