The Resurrection Selection

London based digital radio station, Planet Rock has just published The Resurrection Selection, a list of the top 20 deceased rockers their readers would most like see rise from the dead. 27 Club memberJimi Hendrix tops the list which also includes Freddie Mercury, (#2), Ronnie James Dio (#3), Bon Scott, (#6), and Kurt Cobain (#11). Shockingly, Clash front man, Joe Strummer, didn’t make it. Owch. You can see the whole list at Planet Rock.
Here’s who made the top 10:
1.     Jimi Hendrix
2.     Freddie Mercury
3.     Ronnie James Dio
4.     Phil Lynott
5.     Gary Moore
6.     Bon Scott
7.     Rory Gallagher
8.     John Bonham
9.     Jim Morrison
10.  Keith Moon