PINNACLE – ASSASSIN – 1974 (UK) hard rock

This British hard rock group recorded and self-released their debut LP in 1974, an album that remained a hot collector's item amongst British underground enthusiasts . Archivists of obscure psychedelia and underground music Little Wing have reissued this here for the first time, destined for equal obscurity and limited. Don't let the scarceness of the album lead you to believe there is any secret tangent you have not heard before. Thin Lizzy, Groundhogs, and countless U.K. rockers explored this territory in the '70s and leave Pinnacle in the dusty closet of history as a footnote for the hardcore collector.

1 Assassin 5:11
2 Time Slips By 5:05
3 Cyborg 5:03
4 Astral Traveller 6:08
5 The Chase 4:07
6 Thumb Screw 4:48
7 The Ripper 4:13
8 Bad Omen 5:24