KGB Spy Toys

Look through the small devices that were used by agents of KGB some dozens of years ago.

A camouflaged gun in miniature.
This electronic listening system was used successfully until it was found by KGB agents.
The 4,5mm gun is hidden inside a lipstick.
Another small gun in the pipe
The gun fires cyanide.
A small camera is hidden inside a pen.
There is a recess in these sleeve-buttons; middle of the XXth century
A coin with a recess inside; middle of the XXth century
A small camera that looked like a button, the 1970s
Put one fastener on top of the other one and you will get a compass.
A case gun based on AKS-74U, it lets transport secretely the gun such as AKS – 74U or a hunting semi-automatic carbine Vulkan – TK 5,45х39.