When you think of an ideal mentor for your children… one name comes to mind. No, not that sad woman from “Super Nanny.” Noone will set your offspring on a good path quite like Lemmy from Motorhead.
He tells the December Edition of Classic Rock Magazine what he thinks of this generation’s love of rioting.
I was a hellraiser, but… I’m sixty f*cking six at Christmas. How much more hellraising have I got left to do? I did most of it already – twice.
I won’t be coming back to England,” he said. “I’m proud to be English, but the England I’m proud of has gone. The riots were a symptom of that. Kids just need an excuse and they’re gonna be out on the street, waving things about.
When it comes to being a guiding force of parental knowledge, there’s none better than Lemmy. How great would a reality TV series in which troubled youths go to Lemmy’s bootcamp be? That could be a game changer to the entire entertainment industry.
Imagine a movie where Lemmy some how becomes in charge of a class full of inner city misfit youths and he teaches them how to change their lives for the better with insane gritty rock n roll… and classic and timeless Lemmy wisdom. It could be an instant classic and top selling book series. Keep up the good work Papa Lemmy… but mostly just keep rocking please.
[Via: The Independant]