The Midnight Archive - A. Head B. Body

The film is about the late Dr. White, a neurosurgeon... who did a head transplant. Yes. Took the head of an ape, cut it off, and stitched it onto the body of another ape. Successfully. And its all here... All the gory details. The film was actually produced a few years back. But due to the extreme nature of some of the visuals (though i am not sure what the big deal is) it didn't get much exposure at first. But the brave have certainly made it something of a docu-cult classic. We are honored to be able to have it as a special entry in the Midnight Archive. Jim can be found twiddling his thumbs at the Time Magazine offices weekly and drinking heavily after hours. For more on his work visit - oh and I did some of the music in the piece... so little talent... so much time... wait a minute - scratch that... reverse!