The End of economic policy analysis.

Greece is officially a complete standstill in the Civil War Climate

Countries receiving debt impairment, should recognize the limitations of their sovereignty, supported by Chancellor Merkel, speaking to members of the Christian Democratic Union, according to Deutsche Welle (19/10). Chancellor Merkel told the parliamentary group of the Christian Democrats were in favor of creating a "firewall" to mitigate the effects of debt crisis.
The Angela Merkel reiterated that two ministers had hinted a few weeks ago, namely that states which accept the debt impairment, should recognize the limitations of their sovereignty. I can imagine, reportedly told the Chancellor that there will be a kind of "standing troika" heavily indebted countries. According to participants in the meeting, there is the position in key areas of public administration and especially in the field of financial groups to have technocrats who will be in constant contact with Brussels. It brought a sense a "permanent supervision", with particular emphasis on the promotion of privatization. "These debts of states were built over decades and will not terminate a session. We need hard and long work, "said Angela Merkel.
Meanwhile the agency Reuters (18/10) published "reflections" of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Filandias and others for more rigorous monitoring: Sources say there is a desire to create a permanent body to take over part of the work of the troika, which composed of inspectors European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. "You need someone who speaks Greek but not with the Greeks," the source said. "The powers will be closely linked to the loan terms. Should occur careful - say the technical help or something related. It may seem that they trampled underfoot. "
This debate, though not openly, a key element of the consultation of the Eurogroup and the "solution" which examines the Greek problem. Germany and the institutions of the eurozone believe that henceforth Greece should get a complete standstill ("firewall"). A new Berlin Wall built. This time around Greece. Never before has the country has been isolated in such a degree. All external and internal economic relations has been under surveillance and control. Such attacks and destruction of national sovereignty on European soil has not happened since the Nazi occupation.
But that's not all. Mr. Horst Raichenmpach and koustodia, which according to reports, is more than 330 commissioners and supervisors, now formally acquires status of "permanent supervision". These publications mainly German press does not preclude the arrival of police forces to strengthen the role of "permanent supervision". Besides Mr. Paul Thomsen had expressed lively concern for the size and intensity of popular protests in Greece on a recent interview as follows: "People are frustrated, sometimes in very unpleasant ways. This is one of the ugliest aspects of my work. And the intensity with which it is expressed here is something new for me. »(Reuters, 8 / 10)
The main issue we concern the euro area and mainly Germany-France is how to put under direct colonial tutelage of the bankrupt Greece. Why? But sold out to the universe: private and public property, national territory and natural resources. To do this you must break the morale and the fighting mood of the Greek people. How will this happen? Only depression? Apparently suppression alone, as ruthless as they are, not work. Cycles of the dominant political system apergazontai other more obscure projects. In light ekfasismo of Greek political life in the name of "catalyzed democracy." A manifesto of neo-fascist hysteria has provided us with the three letter "protoklasatoi" ministers of the current government (Ragousis, Diamantopoulou Loverdos) Sunday 16/10. Once charged collectively and collectively - as is typical of the ideology of fascism - in Greek society, the responsibility for the misery of the formal political system and economic interests represented throughout the meta pathways, resulting in another variant of 'together ate ":" Through this kind of socio-political processes and the logic of the 'we want all our own, "we came to disregard any notion of justice and public interest and de facto imposition of the rule: the occupation of school, and sometimes destruction, capture the university, the closure of transport, the collection of garbage and an insult to public health, occupation of public buildings, including ministries, blockades of ports and airports, and during the season, instruments and even threats against life.   Most importantly, it is that this highly undemocratic and anti-social "culture" and behavior invested with the mantle of progressivism and rebellion, to hide the true face of corporatism interest. Baptized "society" each guild, when in fact privy asked to pay the claims of the guilds, which were permanently and constantly refused. The words, therefore, have lost their meaning   and options with high social costs appeared in this specialty «matrix» as "social conquests"   when in fact the country simply borrowed and sooner or later would pay "broken." Responsibilities for this situation we all! "

Neither the junta so. If we are in the elect those ministers democracy and justice are inviolable conformity of society and the people with the above instructions and commands arrive at the best: call the 'silent majority', which curiously only they express it, to start civil war react against those helping the forces of repression. Do what they say: "A society that anxious and seek creative outlets from the crisis, obviously can not   to load all the police and prosecutors. No prosecutor or police action can not substitute their social ownership. The one activity, moreover, complements and supports the other. While the society has an obligation to defend itself against any imposition of ideological, political party or trade union interests, democratically legitimated government functions are required to meet the social demand  compliance with the law.   Without public support for the operation of the rule will sykofantithei as autocratic, however, have limited effectiveness. And without the state and its functions, the civil society would be meaningless, think what you pleiopsifouse it. "
Ask what these ministers? Order to lose power and much more to lose by lenders and usurers troika, prefer to see the Greek society is drowning in the Civil War. Dream new Dekemvriana where paramilitary and para gangs in cooperation with the forces of repression will impose Murphy's law to those who respond. Of course the name of "destroying democracy". But if we were in well-governed state, these gentlemen would face the prosecutor leverage victim and call a civil war. However, in our country has imposed such a full-governmental lawlessness that prosecutors engaged in persecution or strikers, either with "spreading false news" when it suits the government, or to give credentials to good conduct troikanous lest the new occupiers to take by good eye.
The same day the neo-fascist manifesto the three ministers hastened to endorse and Benito Greek government, Mr. Venizelos said: "It's very positive initiative of three ministers to address the public with an analysis of how it has shaped the current Greek society, with primary responsibility for the political system, including of course the same PASOK.Behind every major policy initiative and especially behind the difficult management of a huge crisis that endangers the country, must always be: first, a theoretical figure, and second, a strong political will is formed by people ready to fight on the frontlines. In this sense, the text of three of my colleagues with whom belong to the same generation, we have common perceptions and give a common collective struggle is a very good omen for the critical week begins, during which many considered, perhaps all. "

All this shows that the peaks of the dominant policy has become, a neo-fascism, whose ideology and policy at the service, like the old, the most reactive portion of finance capital. And those portions currently seeking formal possession and sale of the country. So believe it can survive the euro, the euro area, banks and markets.
That is the question at issue and the summit on 23 this month. And not the "haircut" of Greek debt. Besides for this target "haircut" was particularly revealing statement Michalis Sallas, Chairman of Piraeus Bank. Sallas entire statement reads: "Those who say the big" haircut "of Greek bonds, ie over 21%, divided into two categories: The first are those who have nothing to lose, nor the collapse of Greece and certainly not from their portfolios. The second category includes those who have not understood anything from the consequences of this action and probably not even what the "haircut" is. The sad thing is that these include people who have to understand. Based on the holdings are estimated to have been declared for the voluntary PSI of July 21, if we accept that instead of 21% "haircut" that provided the decision is now a volunteer "haircut" would reach 50%, this could lead to a further decline of Greek government debt substantially by 20 to 25 billion euros at current values, and not 180 billion, which many, either naive or ill-informed, they believe. The benefit that would be about 20 to 25 billion . euro, which, however, for the most part, Greece is forced again to refinance from European countries and the IMF to strengthen the Social Security fund and recapitalize banks. We speak words At the end of the day, for a gain of about 10 or 15 billion from a total of 360 billion debt! Unfortunately, there is a perception that the proposed by various "cut" through the PSI, excluding bonds of ECB, around € 60 billion in nominal value, Troika loans totaling € 65 billion, other loans raised by the Greek government about 20 billion, the Treasury Bills of the Greek government 15 billion bonds due 2020 after the other 40 to 45 billion, other liabilities to suppliers, etc. Greek government, and certainly those abroad who also did not attend either the "haircut" of 21% in PSI in July. Also, it should be understood that those who have registered for a specific maturity bonds in the PSI in July, was almost more than 50% Greek Banks, Insurance Companies and Greek Insurance Funds. So, all history is mainly the Greek Insurance and Banking System, for which the Greek government should refinance to meet the needs created as a result of this increase "haircut". Thus, we have the phenomenon, the Greek government to agree to delete the Greek Institutions, debt will lead to a reduction of reserves or capital adequacy, to borrow then again the state of international organizations, to what it means politically and economically, to recapitalize banks and to cover the funds. The consequence of all this is to bankrupt the country internationally, to the exercise even more pressure, the risk of contamination of the entire European financial system, as is supported by the European Central Bank and of course be dissolved for many years the Greek Stock Market, which has been are already tens of billions of losses from the whole debate. " (Profit, 14/10)
Not far from the truth those stated by Mr. Sallas. Just forget to tell us that such a move (voluntary exchange with "clipped" 50%) will be rated by rating agencies as SD (Selective bankruptcy) and using the data of the financial situation and the recession will probably mean the collapse of the Greek economy. Maybe it's what they wanted and the Eurocrats to accelerate "structural reforms" and imposing "permanent supervision".

The stress all this because the time of economic policy analysis is finished. The Eurogroup now formally arranges formal bankruptcy of the country. Mr. Venizelos practically announced to the interview Tuesday. How does a people of this immediate possibility of a formal bankruptcy? Has anyone answer this question? The dominant forces seeking to sow panic and despair. They will not hesitate in next time to suspend or delay payments for a period of wages and pensions to panic the world and make him grateful for the intervention of the troika, to please the 6 dose, and so on.
How will people cope with these exercises hit the panic and morale? There is some force that gives a clear answer? Leaders of opposition parties elected official in order to reap the discontent of the world in the next election. Heartbreak for others. Others dream of ballots and political fronts that will open the door of parliament. So there is a way to meet people on the upcoming bankruptcy? Only one: to keep calm and organized neighborhoods, to restore and safeguard the social cohesion, not to allow him to panic and turn it into a gregarious animal instincts social cannibalism. This is important today. And the only force that can do it today is the single Pallaiko Front, which spreads rapidly in all neighborhoods, in every village and town in Greece. A new force is born and with it the hope that we can do.

Dimitris Kazakis

Published in the journal Hellenic Nexus, τχ. 57 November 2011, pp. 12-14.