The Mentors on Hot Seat with Wally George

El Duce: “Because I can tell by the look in their eyes!”
Here’s a shitastic clip of rape rock sleeze meisters The Mentors on right wing public access talk show Hot Seat. I hadn’t seen this clip in years. I had it on one of those amazing goldmine nth generation VHS tape compilations that usta be passed down from tape trading friends. Hada copy ‘em the old fashioned way, stack two VCR’s, and connect ‘em with RCA cables.
Wally George was a cartoonish uber-righty  controversy stirrer and a precursor to reality shock mongers Morton Downey Jr. and Heraldo Rivera. The estranged father of Traci Lords look-alike Rebecca DeMorney, he was the first to provoke a guest to physical violence, gettin’ a desk flipped on him. This event that was picked up by nationwide news outlets, and ushered in a new low in TV journalism where every talkshow seemed to have skinheads punchin’ everyone in site.
El Duce again reared his bug-eyed head in the 90′s, claimin’ that Cortney Love had offered him money to preform a hit on her hubby Kurtd Kobain. He died of mysterious circumstances, supposedly passin’ out on some train tracks, gettin’ his bald mellon crushed by a freight train.