DLRS Radio Hour No 10

Male voice: Suzy?
Female voice: Yes?
Male voice: Suzy Creamcheese?
Female voice: Yes?
Male voice: This is the voice of your conscience baby ... uh, I just want to check one thing out with you ... you don't mind, do ya?
Female voice: What?
Male voice: Suzy Creamcheese, honey, what's got into ya?

01 Surf - Surf Coasters
02 Hide away- Krewmen
03 Pateras En El Estrecho- Da Surfones
04 Hi-Fi Baby-Barbary Coasters
05 Platja Nudista- Da Surfones
06 Crazy Little Baby – Slip and the Spinouts
07 Bar room fantasy- Krewmen
08 One more cup of coffee-White Stripes
09 Duanne Eddy - The Trembler
10. Dead Brothers Stomp
11. Besame Mucho-Dead Brothers
12 Hawaiian Thang- Chuck and the hulas
13 The Doors - Spanish Caravan
14 arabesque cookie (arabian dance)-Duke Ellington
15 Unexpected Delight feat. Laura Darlington-Flying Lotus
16 Camel-Flying Lotus
17 You Can't Go Home Again- Dj Shadow
18 Horse Power- Chemical brothers
19 Paniots Nine- Joe Maneri
20 nat king cole trio- gee baby ain't i good to you
21 all that glitters- death in vegas
22 opium shuffle- death in vegas