Moods Impressions Fantasies

Moods Impressions Fantasies
Featuring Stanley Black: Percussion Fantasy
New Concert Orchestra - Nat Nyll, Conductor
VOX VX 25-270

Nice early "percussion" album featuring an extended piece written by Stanley Black. Black would go on to release a fine album titled Exotica Percussion in 1961. This could have been a "concept" album for Vox, but only Black's piece and Liter's Two Southern Impressions/Rhumba support each other, the title and cover art. The remaining tracks are standard fair for the time.

Side One:

Band 1
Percussion Fantasy (Stanley Black)
A. Caribbean Festival
B. Chinese Show
C. A la Marcia
D. Congo Invocation & Dance
E. Spanish Scena
F. Dolly's Bedtime
G. Ritmos do Brasil

Jota (Monia Liter)

Band 3 Savior Faire (Fredrick Curzon)

Side Two

Two Southern Impressions (Monia Liter)
A. Bolero - Montuno
B. Cadenza - Rhumba

Band 2
Aperitif ( Douglas Brownsmith)

Band 3
Impressions of London ( Ronald Binge)
A. Piccadilly
B. Lambeth
C. Westminster
D. Fleet Street
E. The Tower
F. St. Paul's

Band 4
Rhumba ( Monia Liter)