American troops in an English park
 American troops in an English park
 An abandoned German machine gun, France, June 1944
 An American Army chaplain kneels next to a wounded soldier in order to administer the Eucharist and Last Rites
 A P-38 fighter plane sits in the background as the pilot arrives in a captured German vehicle
 A small town in England in the spring of 1944
 Captured German Soldiers, France, 1944
 Coast of France, June 1944
 Frenchmen transport painted British and American flags for use in a parade, summer 1944
 GIs search ruined homes in western France after D-Day
 Holding services in dappled sunlight, France, 1944
 Life amid the ruins, France, June 1944
 Maintenance work on an American P-47 Thunderbolt in a makeshift airfield in the French countryside, 1944
 Passing time on the Thames, Spring 1944
 The scene that greeted Allied troops throughout France in the weeks and months after Normandy
View of the ruins of the Palais de Justice in the town of St. Lo, France, summer 1944. The red metal frame in the foreground is what