Killdozer TV 1974

Construction workers building an airstrip on a small Pacific Island during WWII encounter an ancient non-material lifeform which has lived in the ruins of an ancient temple for millenia. The entity is of course malevolent and comandeers the earthmoving equipment to the general detriment of all concerned. Written by Bill Leue <>
While working on the island the work crew finds a large blue rock that they can not move. Unknown to them is that it is a meteorite that fell to earth (Seen at the very opening of the movie). When one of the workers rams the rock (meteor) with a Cat D9 a large blue light is emitted which cause the D9 to stop running. Later when one of the workers goes to use the D9 it starts running on its own and starts killing the workers. Written by <>

 Director: Jerry London
Writers: Theodore Sturgeon Ed MacKillop
Stars: Clint Walker, Robert Urich and Carl Betz