Jason and the Argonauts 1963

Tom Hanks once famously said "Some people say Casablanca or Citizen Kane.....I say Jason and the Argonauts is the greatest film ever made." He's not too far from being spot on either. Every once in a while, a film is released which inspires a generation of filmmakers to break into the business. Sam Raimi, John Landis, James Cameron, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton have all been quoted at some point in saying that this film has been one of their influences in getting into the filmmaking business. The amount of respect this film has received from such Hollywood pedigree is amazing. I've always preferred The 7th Voyage of Sinbad but this always gets more of the plaudits and recognition. It's really hard to be too critical of Jason and the Argonauts because it's not the sort of film which will blow you away with it's direction, it's acting or it's script. It's a film which is here to create spectacle, a sense of awe and an ability to transport you into a fantasy world. Maybe it's a guy thing (I mean look at that list of filmmakers, they're all male) but it's ability to stir the imagination is second-to-none.
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Director: Don Chaffey
Writers: Jan Read , Beverley Cross
Stars: Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack and Gary Raymond 

Country: UK | USA
Language: English
Release Date: 19 June 1963