Batman-Inspired Motel Room in Taiwan for Your Inner Superhero

We’ve seen more and more managers lately who choose to transform their accommodation unit into a place of animation. Which is why themed hotel rooms are now very easy to find, if you know where to look. For today we decided to showcase this Batman-inspired interior in Eden Motel, a true lovers’ nest located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A king-sized bed, a Bat-mobile, cement-like walls, giant mirrors and of course, generous-sized Batman logos are just a few of the special features this crib has to offer. We heard that this place can be rented by the hour and that it costs 50$ for a three hour block. According to Curbed, the motel also offers sexy lingerie and other erotic perks during certain holidays. The motel features no less than 46 rooms, each of them with their own unique theme (the Jail Room, the Japanese Comics Room, and so on).