Over recent years Adamantios Kafetzis has become an avid collector of African music, a passion which has ultimately led him to visit Senegal many times in the last 10 years, obsessively investigating the sound, searching out and collecting vinyl, and on the whole, educating himself in Senegalese/African music, both past and present.
Currently Adamantios runs Teranga Beat, an Athens based music event offering elements of African culture such as food, dance and music to his audience. 
Teranga Beat is presently set to take a new turn. 
After his many years of research, Adamantios has happened upon a wealth of un-edited reel tapes containing material from the 60’s up until the mid 80’s, a find that has prompted him to create a record label…
Great care is being taken to preserve the original quality of the recordings in order to maintain the live feel of the original source which was recorded live through 2 or 4 microphones directly to reel to reel.
Using his perspective as a (visual) artist Adamantios endeavors to provide high quality packaging alongside informative liner notes. From creating attractively constructed L.P and C.D housing to information on artists including histories, photographs and interview material.
Intending on working closely with the people involved in the music’s creation the label has been set up in, and shall be run from Senegal, a move that will not only allow Adamantios the ability to communicate face to face with artists/producers, but also permit him to continue the search for new musicians and new music.
Adamantios has keen interest in re-forming some of the groups that made music he has come across for live performance and recording. Although he is not only interested in music from the past but equally interested in presenting the Senegalese/African music of today… aiming to combine elements of the past with the present.