Wisrah Villefort at BPA / Cologne

Wisrah Villefort

July 15 - August 26, 2022

Maastrichter Str. 10
Cologne, Germany

Wisrah Villefort, Set BPA, Cologne. Exhibition view.
Wisrah Villefort, Set BPA, Cologne. Exhibition view.

Aniara Omann at OK Corral / Frederiksberg

Aniara Omann / Æblet

August 6th - August 27th 2022

OK Corral
Rolighedsvej 9
DK – 1958 Frederiksberg

Studio for Propositional Cinema at Museum Abteiberg / Mönchengladbach

Studio for Propositional Cinema
The Camera of Disaster
curated by Susanne Titz & Haris Giannouras

3 April – 25 September 2022

Museum Abteiberg
Abteistraße 27
Mönchengladbach, Germany

DL Review Daniel Hölzl at DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM / Berlin

Daniel Hölzl
DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Linienstraße 23, 10178 Berlin 
8.07.2022 – 3.09.2022

Review by Anna Ratcliffe

GROUNDED, 2022, Exhibition view, DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin. Copyright: Daniel Hölzl, Courtesy: DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin, Photo: Jens Ziehe

The nose of a plane bares down on the entering visitors; stripped of its wings, it appears as a silvery shark out of the blue. It is a dramatic start to Daniel Hölzl’s first solo exhibition, GROUNDED at DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM. Mainly working with site-specific installation, Hölzl piqued Berlin’s interest with his presentation of exposed interior spaces in AUSHANG for 48 hours Neuköln, 2021, and BAIT during Berlin Art Week, 2021. In each instance, a room was precisely measured to enable a replica to be constructed from parachute fabric. Once sewn together, it was inflated out of a window like an enormous room-shaped balloon, illustrating the architectural volume of the corresponding space. While these works float with the lightness of air, the current series on display questions what and who stays grounded.

END-OF-LIFE, cycle one 2022, Carbon fiber and glass fiber monocoque fuselage, recycled paraffin wax, 850 x 125 Ø 125 cm / 334 2/3 x 49 1/4 Ø 49 1/4 in, Unique. Copyright: Daniel Hölzl, Courtesy: DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin, Photo: Jens Ziehe


The title of the exhibition derives from the aeronautic community. A term used when a plane has reached the end of its life or is forbidden to take off. Hölzl is interested in the life cycle of materials and their transformation after the death of their current use. The concept is mirrored in the first piece, the gutted fuselage of the DA42-VI aircraft, named END-OF LIFE cycle one (2022). Diagonally suspended from the back wall, the aircraft guides you down the stairs onto the tarmac for END-OF-LIFE cycle two (2022). The flooring is a direct replica of the runway at the former inner-city Templehof Airport turned park. During the blockade of Berlin, planes were said to be landing every 90 seconds to deliver vital supplies to those cut off in the West. Constructed from 100% recycled carbon fibre imprinted with paraffin wax, the surface is rigid under foot and carpets the entirety of the downstairs. The black carbon peers through the white wax, producing an impressive simulacrum of the well-worn landing strip.

Ian Waelder at etHALL / Barcelona

Ian Waelder / Is it like today?

1 July - 3 September


C. de Salvador, 24

08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat


Stelios Karamanolis at Flatland Gallery / Amsterdam

Stelios Karamanolis / Morphology

7 May - 31 August, 2022
FLATLAND, Lijnbaansgracht 312-314 Amsterdam The Netherlands

Giovanni Chiamenti at Spazio Volta / Bergamo

Interspecies Kin / Giovanni Chiamenti

June 11 – August 31, 2022

Spazio Volta
Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe
24129 Bergamo (IT)

Villeggiatura at Castelnuovo Don Bosco / Italy

Villeggiatura / Hosted by Cascina Gilli

Participatings artists: Anton Alvarez, Anastasia Bay, Stevie Dix, Olivia Sterling

3 July — 24 July 2022

Villeggiatura installation view.

Villeggiatura installation view.

INVERNADERO at Toxi Space / Zurich

INVERNADERO: Club de verano
Fernanda Laguna, Dafna Maimon & Sol Calero, Monica Heller, Biquini Wax, Luiz Roque, Valentín Demarco,
Básica TV, Mauro Guzmán, Sofia Córdova, Wisrah Villefort, Radamés Juni Figueroa.

Curated by Violeta Mansilla & Simon W Marín

July 15 - August 1, 2022

Toxi Space
Zimmerlistrasse 4
Zurich, Switzerland

Riccardo Giacconi at Spazio Leonardo / Milan

Riccardo Giacconi Storyboard

4 July 2022 – 21 October 2022

Spazio Leonardo

via della Liberazione 16/a, 20124


An Interview with Jonathan Ehrenberg on the occasion of his Solo Show “The Capital of Fine is OK” at Essex Flowers, in New York

Irini Miga interviews Jonathan Ehrenberg

Jonathan Ehrenberg

The Capital of Fine is OK

July 1-30, 2022

Essex Flowers

19 Monroe Street, NY, NY 10002

Interior, clay and mixed media on panel 24 x 18 x 8 inches, 2022

Jonathan Ehrenberg’s new reliefs are handmade riffs on his digital output that explore how changes in the body affect the mind. In their post-digital afterlife, mouths and other parts begin to eat themselves, dispersing the body among its own perceptions. Jonathan currently has a solo show of these new reliefs at Essex Flowers. The exhibition’s title “The Capital of Fine is OK” is borrowed from his three-year-old daughter, Mia, who has a curious obsession with geography. One day she was rattling off countries and capitals—The capital of France is Paris. The capital of China is Beijing—when she got a big idea: The capital of Fine is OK! As the artist watched language form the intuitive, arbitrary, oddly associative building blocks of his daughter’s expanding reality, he also saw his father’s world focus in on bodily concerns: arthritic joints, a deteriorating hip. His new series of wall reliefs similarly mines the rattle-bag of the unconscious as it pieces the world together and segments the self into parts. *

Hugo Bausch Belbachir at TNT / Paris

Hugo Bausch Belbachir

June 30 - July 15, 2022

18, rue de Tourtille
Paris, France

Hugo Bausch Belbachir, Labor , 2022, exhibition view, TNT, Paris
Hugo Bausch Belbachir, Labor , 2022, exhibition view, TNT, Paris

Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil at Sesc 24 de Maio / São Paulo

Raio-que-o-parta: fictions of the modern in Brazil

the exhibition brings about 600 works by 200 artists, among them are Lídia Baís, Mestre Zumba, Genaro de Carvalho, Anita Malfatti, Tomie Ohtake, Raimundo Cela, Pagu, Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Rubem Valentin, Tarsila do Amaral, Mestre Vitalino.

Curatorship: Aldrin Figueiredo, Clarissa Diniz, Divino Sobral, Marcelo Campos, Paula Ramos and Raphael Fonseca 
General Curator: Raphael Fonseca 
Assistant Curators: Breno de Faria, Ludimilla Fonseca and Renato Menezes

February 16 -August 7, 2022

Sesc 24 de Maio
Rua 24 de Maio, 109, 5th floor
São Paulo, Brazil

History of Absence at AMA House / Spetses Island, Greece

History of Absence

Agata Ingarden, Malvina Panagiotidi, Chloé Royer 

Curated by Elina Axioti

Organized and produced by: 
AMA House 

09 July – 11 September 2022

Anargyrios & Korgialenios, 
School of Spetses Foundation 
180 50 Spetses, Greece 

Characters at Galerie Martin Janda / Vienna


Igor Blomberg Tranaeus, Adriana Czernin, Svenja Deininger, Lukas Kaufmann, Florian Mayr, Tania Pérez Córdova, Chin Tsao, and Sharon Ya’ari

3 June - 22 July 2022

Galerie Martin Janda
Eschenbachgasse 11
1010 Wien


SPATIAL MOMENTUM | Curatorial Advisor Juliet Kothe 

Bretz/HolligerMarta Dyachenko, Bastian Gehbauer, Thomas Putze, Shirin Sabahi

FRONTVIEWS at HAUNT, Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin, Tiergarten (U-Bahn Kurfürstenstraße).

Shirin Sabahi

Shirin Sabahi

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld at Quartz Studio / Torino

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
Tout Doux: Gong Bath

04.05. - 16.07.2022

Quartz Studio
Via Giulia di Barolo 18/D
10124 Torino

Nikolas Ventourakis at MISC / Athens

Nikolas Ventourakis
Unlikely Outcomes. The exhibition**

08.06. - 30.07.2022

Toussa Mpotsari 20
11741 Athens

BLISS at Tube Culture Hall / Milan

bliss / Silvia Paci, Salomé Wu 

June 7 - September 10, 2022

Tube Culture Hall
Piazza XXV Aprile 11/B
20154 Milan

Fanny Gicquel at Hua International / Beijing

 Fanny Gicquel / now, and then

June 24 - September 24, 2022

Hua International

D08-3, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

Evelyn Taocheng Wang at Kayokoyki / Tokyo

Evelyn Taocheng Wang / Norwegian Music in Dutch Window

June 24 - July 31, 2022

KAYOKOYUKI, 2-14-2 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0003, Japan

Lena Henke at Klosterfelde Edition / Berlin

Lena Henke / Auf dem Asphalt botanisieren gehen

April 30 to July 30, 2022

Klosterfelde Edition, Potsdamer Str. 97, 10785 Berlin

Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa at Exile Gallery / Vienna

Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa / Jugendzimmer

23 June - 30 July 2022

Exile Gallery, Elisabethstrasse 24 1010 Vienna, Austria

Jonathan Ehrenberg at Essex Flowers / New York

Jonathan Ehrenberg

The Capital of Fine is OK

July 1-30, 2022

Essex Flowers

19 Monroe Street, NY, 

NY 10002

Interior, clay and mixed media on panel, 24 x 18 x 8 inches, 2022

Speech, clay and mixed media on panel, 24 x 22 x 7 inches, 2022

In the Studio #198 Phaidonas Gialis / Cologne and Athens

Phaidonas Gialis, Self Portrait / Studio View

    Crackling Sun, Film Still, 11:15, 2021.

Interview: A conversation with Xiaochan Hua from Hua International / Berlin & Beijing

Hua International was founded by Xiaochan Hua and operates in two locations, Berlin and Beijing. I met Xiaochan in Berlin at the showroom of the gallery, one floor above the main exhibition space. Currently on display is Atlas Of Affinities, a beautifully curated group show with works by Lucas Odahara, Christine Sun Kim, Kim Farkas and Xie Lei among others.

Xiaochan Hua at Hua International Beijing

Tula Plumi: Hua International was founded in 2017 and operated for two years as a project space. Its current incarnation launched in 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic. Can you tell us about this transition?

Xiaochan Hua: The first project I ran was called XC Hua, which is shorthand for Xiaochan Hua, my full name. It was an experimental art and performance space that was bilocated in Berlin and Beijing. Until this day, I keep finding more ways that the two spaces complement and enhance each other in a kind of synergy. When we began working as a project space, we mostly invited curators and artists to participate in a flexible and open way, often in thematic group shows. We still have group shows like our current one in Berlin, but now we often continue to follow the artists and often do solo shows in Beijing after their presentation in Europe.

There were important artists that came out of the early group shows, three of which (Tong Kunniao, Rafael Domenech, and Fanny Gicquel) I had a strong desire to work with, which solidified after the first collaboration. For example, in January 2020, XCHua had a show called, A Year without the Southern Sun, with one work from Rafael Domenech. We quickly felt that a commercial gallery model was more suitable for the long-term development of the artists that we wanted to work with and could provide us with the means to better support the artists we wanted to represent—whether in terms of sales, cultivating relationships with curators, or placing their works in public collections. We jumped into the transition of operating as a full-time commercial gallery with both feet. Despite the pandemic, we had a clear desire to grow and we had the good fortune of finding a location in the center of the 798 Art District in Beijing, so we were able to move from the outskirts of the city. We renamed and rebranded as Hua International, with a new logo, for a renewed start. With our new name, we also wanted to emphasize that  we are not a provincial gallery that mostly focuses on local or regional (Asian) artists, but that we intended to build a program that was global. It was important that the gallery was cosmopolitan in approach, embracing cosmopolitanism as moral philosophy and the desire to be an ethical member of an international art community.

Installation view, Fanny Gicquel “now, and then”, 2022, Hua International Beijing, performance with co-choreographer: Mengfan Wang; dancers: Shuyi Liao, Dan Qian, and Sihan Cai, Ryotaro Harada; composer: Delawhere, photo by Haiyang. Courtesy of the artist and Hua International