primeira desordem at Monitor / Lisbon

primeira desordem, The Kids Are Alright

23/09/2022 — 29/10/2022

Rua Dom João V 17A, Lisboa

Tiziano Martini at ECCPROJECTS / Chieri

Tiziano Martini ECCPROJECTS #04

19 September - 9 October 2022
Open by appointment only

ECC Project Room
Via Martiri della Libertà 2
10023, Chieri TO, Italy

ITTAH YODA at Foreign and Domestic / New York


September 7 – October 16, 2022

Foreign and Domestic 
24 Rutgers St, New York, NY

Li Zeyi at C5CNM / Beijing

 Li Zeyi / The World’s Number One Sport

September 10 - October 9, 2022


Building E03, 798 Art District

Beijing, China

Group at Fasan / Basel

Group with Martina Böttiger, Gábor Kristóf, Daniel Kurth, Liesl Raff
curated by Martin Chramosta

3 September - 3 October 2022

Riehenring 185
4058 Basel, Switzerland

And Then There Are the Pigeons... at Mouches Volantes / Cologne

And Then There Are the Pigeons... / Curated by Katharina Klang

with Ayham Majid Agha, Rebekka Benzenberg, Anna-Marie Berdychová & Samuel Stano

September 2 – October 10, 2022

Mouches Volantes
Ebertplatz Passage 1
50668 Cologne

Prizing Eccentric Talents II at P.E.T. Projects / Athens, Greece

Prizing Eccentric Talents II

Participating artists:

Alexandra Bachzetsis, Anastasia Douka, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Evi Kalogiropoulou, Niki Kanagkini, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Miltos Manetas, Maria Papadimitriou, Eleni Papazoglou, Angelo Plessas, Georgia Sagri, Eva Stefani.

curated by George Bekirakis and Angelo Plessas

08.06.2022 - 30.09.2022

P.E.T. Projects

Athens, Greece

Giorgos Kontis at Atelierhaus Aachen / Aachen

Giorgos Kontis
Ground Diaries

28.08.2022 - 18.09.2022

Atelierhaus Aachen
Talstr 2
52068 Aachen

DL Library: The Composing Rooms 2010-2020

The book contains several essays that capture the context of contemporary art that emerged during the global financial crisis of 2008, and how the internet played a significant role in the emergence of a new way of finding, making, and displaying art, as well as how that shifted over the decade.

The book also documents The Composing Rooms curatorial project which hosted over 40 exhibitions, talks, events, and projects and exhibited over 60 artists. Relevant essays and texts in the book include those by the founder and director Ché Zara Blomfield, alongside those by artists and curators: Gerardo Contreras (Preteen Gallery), Nate Hitchcock, Yanyan Huang, Miltos Manetas, Warren Neidich, Marisa Olson, and Krystal South, with an animated .gif by Petra Cortright. The fold-out dust jacket is a uniquely commissioned limited edition artwork by Aaron Graham.ISBN 978-0-473-53284-0€25 EUR  including GST/VAT.

Images´ credits:  Sonia Cameron 

Flora Leite at GDA / São Paulo

Flora Leite

August 27 – September 24, 2022


Rua Barra Funda, 654

São Paulo, Brazil

Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.

Jan S. Hansen at The Danish Institute / Rome

Jan S. Hansen

July 13 – 14, 2022

The Danish Institute, Rome
Via Omero, 18, Roma 

Fragile Geometries at Maison du Tibet / Paris

Fragile Geometries


curated by: Elisabeth Penker

2 - 4 September 2022

Maison du Tibet
La Grande Pagode
Lac Daumensil
FR 75012

Chris Korda at Le Confort Moderne / Poitiers

Chris Korda
The (Wo)man of the Future
curated by Goswell Road

June 10 - August 28, 2022

Le Confort Moderne
85 Rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf
Poitiers, France

A conversation with Sultana Savvi

Irini Miga interviews Sultana Savvi

Sultana Savvi is a painter based in Zurich, Switzerland. With her works she explores what abstraction means to her in today’s world. Savvi’s practice is inextricably tied to process and manages to reveal something almost primordial. There, layers of paint build over time, leaving the works with the sense of constant evolution and reform. Speaking to the expansive nature of universe, ethereal forces capture emotions making her painting works whimsical. 

Sultana Savvi, Untitled, 2021, Acrylic on Canvas, 15 x 25 cm


Irini Miga

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started painting?

Sultana Savvi 

I come from a small village in Florina, Sklithro. My parents were farmers, simple everyday people, who had nothing to do with art. While my mother saw my calling to painting, she did not know how she could possibly help me with my love for art, as she told me later on at an old age. When I was 11 years old we settled in Zurich, Switzerland. Initially, for livelihood reasons, I graduated from trade school. So I worked for about 15 years as a bank clerk. At the same time, I attended courses at the School of Fine Arts in Zurich. During this time, while I was still attending art classes, I got married and my two children were born. There was always a desire to attend the Zurich School of Fine Arts. After finishing art high school, which is a prerequisite for admission to the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), at the age of 47, my dream became a reality. All this time I was actively painting. My first exhibition took place in 2003 and since then I have been exhibiting either individually or collectively.

Sultana Savvi, Untitled, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas, 15 x 25 cm

The Palliative Turn at Künstlerhaus Bremen / Bremen

The Palliative Turn
with Carla Åhlander, Louise Ashcroft, Simon Blanck, Christoph Draeger, Kasia Fudakowski, Anna Gohmert, Annemarie Goldschmidt, Teal Griffin, Harry Haddon, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Hjertström-Lappalainen, Per Hüttner, Nina Katchadourian, Alex Kwartler, Karin Kytökangas, Keith Larson, Mathias Lempart, Dafna Maimon, Marit Neeb, Laura Pientka, Sascia Reibel, John-Luke Roberts, Xavier Robles de Medina, Lydia Röder, Ruth Rubers, Maxwell Stephens, Anna M. Szaflarski, Nala Tessloff, Jana Thiel, Olav Westphalen, Gernot Wieland.
Curated by Nadja Quante in close collaboration with Kasia Fudakowski and Olav Westphalen.

9 July - October 3, 2022

Künstlerhaus Bremen
Am Deich 68
Bremen, Germany
Alex Kwartler, Non-Curo, 2021, installation view, Künstlerhaus Bremen 2022, Photo: Fred Dott
Alex Kwartler, Non-Curo, 2021, detail, Künstlerhaus Bremen 2022, Photo: Fred Dott

Xiaoshi Qin at Window of Shekmai / Shenzen, China

Pillow Safe

Xiaoshi Qin's  solo show 


Window of Shekmai

Nanshan, Shenzen

In the Studio #199 Maria Stabio / Pennsylvania & Brooklyn, NY

CAUTÈRE at FRAC Corsica / Corte

CAUTÈRE – Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, Kamilya Kuspanova, Claire Fontaine, Jason Dodge, Sybil Montet, Cajsa von Zeipel, Yung Nihilist, Alessandro di Pietro, Hanna Antonsson, Emma Stern, David Rappeneau, Alessandro de’ Pesci

09.07.2022 —16.10.2022

FRAC Corsica
Rue de la Cittadella
20250 Corte

One hand washes the other at OLHÃO / São Paulo

Included in "One hand washes the other" are Ana Claudia Almeida & Guilherme Ginane, Ana Elisa Egreja & Leda Catunda, Antonio Malta Campos & Antonio Lee, Daniel Lannes & Gustavo Speridião, Pedro França & Raphaela Melsohn, Rodrigo Andrade & Link Museu, Rodrigo Bivar & Ilê Sartuzi & Camile Sproesser, Tiago Mestre & Lorenzato, Tiago Tebet & Fabio Kawallys, Virgílio Neto & Paulo Whitaker, Marcelo Cipis & CIF (Yuli Yamagata, Flora Rebollo, Gokula Stoffel, Luciana Maas, Janina Mcquoid ) & Guilherme Ginane. Organized by Antonio Lee.

June 25 - September 3, 2022

Rua Barra Funda 288
São Paulo, Brazil
Exhibition view. One hand washes the other, OLHÃO, Sao Paulo.
Exhibition view. One hand washes the other, OLHÃO, Sao Paulo.

Metafiguration at Tops Gallery / Memphis, TN


with: Caitlin Berndt, Michael Berryhill, Claudia Bitran, Melissa Brown, Joseph Buckley, Camel Collective, Christopher Chiappa, Sara Coffin, Alex Bradley Cohen, Oscar Rene Cornejo, Guy Church, David Kennedy Cutler, Rachel Domm, Graham Downing, Jonathan Edelhuber, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Nick Fagan, J.A Feng, Makeal Flammini, Kevin Ford, Chie Fueki, Jackie Gendel, Matthew Griffin, Luther Hampton, EJ Hauser, Blake Hiltunen, Kyle Hittmeir, Eddie Lee Kendrick, Sophie Larrimore, Colin Matthes, Benny Merris, Ignacio Perez Meruane, Sean McCarthy, Sean McElroy, Joe Minter, Amanda Nedham, Riley Payne, Matthew Ronay, Lui Shtini, Georgia Speller, Henry Speller, Daphne Stergides, Willie Stewart, Mamie Tinkler, Wade Tullier, Scott Zieher.

Curated by Sean McElroy and Kevin Ford

July 23rd – September 24th, 2023

Tops Gallery
400 South Front street  Memphis, TN 38103


Elena Eugeni at Like A Little Disaster /Polignano a Mare

Elena Eugeni, Like a Virgin I

July 1 / August 30

Like A Little Disaster, Palazzo San Giuseppe
Polignano a Mare

Wisrah Villefort at BPA / Cologne

Wisrah Villefort

July 15 - August 26, 2022

Maastrichter Str. 10
Cologne, Germany

Wisrah Villefort, Set BPA, Cologne. Exhibition view.
Wisrah Villefort, Set BPA, Cologne. Exhibition view.

Aniara Omann at OK Corral / Frederiksberg

Aniara Omann / Æblet

August 6th - August 27th 2022

OK Corral
Rolighedsvej 9
DK – 1958 Frederiksberg

Studio for Propositional Cinema at Museum Abteiberg / Mönchengladbach

Studio for Propositional Cinema
The Camera of Disaster
curated by Susanne Titz & Haris Giannouras

3 April – 25 September 2022

Museum Abteiberg
Abteistraße 27
Mönchengladbach, Germany

DL Review Daniel Hölzl at DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM / Berlin

Daniel Hölzl
DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Linienstraße 23, 10178 Berlin 
8.07.2022 – 3.09.2022

Review by Anna Ratcliffe

GROUNDED, 2022, Exhibition view, DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin. Copyright: Daniel Hölzl, Courtesy: DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin, Photo: Jens Ziehe

The nose of a plane bares down on the entering visitors; stripped of its wings, it appears as a silvery shark out of the blue. It is a dramatic start to Daniel Hölzl’s first solo exhibition, GROUNDED at DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM. Mainly working with site-specific installation, Hölzl piqued Berlin’s interest with his presentation of exposed interior spaces in AUSHANG for 48 hours Neuköln, 2021, and BAIT during Berlin Art Week, 2021. In each instance, a room was precisely measured to enable a replica to be constructed from parachute fabric. Once sewn together, it was inflated out of a window like an enormous room-shaped balloon, illustrating the architectural volume of the corresponding space. While these works float with the lightness of air, the current series on display questions what and who stays grounded.

END-OF-LIFE, cycle one 2022, Carbon fiber and glass fiber monocoque fuselage, recycled paraffin wax, 850 x 125 Ø 125 cm / 334 2/3 x 49 1/4 Ø 49 1/4 in, Unique. Copyright: Daniel Hölzl, Courtesy: DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin, Photo: Jens Ziehe


The title of the exhibition derives from the aeronautic community. A term used when a plane has reached the end of its life or is forbidden to take off. Hölzl is interested in the life cycle of materials and their transformation after the death of their current use. The concept is mirrored in the first piece, the gutted fuselage of the DA42-VI aircraft, named END-OF LIFE cycle one (2022). Diagonally suspended from the back wall, the aircraft guides you down the stairs onto the tarmac for END-OF-LIFE cycle two (2022). The flooring is a direct replica of the runway at the former inner-city Templehof Airport turned park. During the blockade of Berlin, planes were said to be landing every 90 seconds to deliver vital supplies to those cut off in the West. Constructed from 100% recycled carbon fibre imprinted with paraffin wax, the surface is rigid under foot and carpets the entirety of the downstairs. The black carbon peers through the white wax, producing an impressive simulacrum of the well-worn landing strip.