NOT READY YET at Enterprise Projects / Athens, Greece


Theodoros Gennitsakis, Lola Gonzalez, 
Anastasia Douka, Hypercomf

6-14 January, 2018

Enterprise Projects
Chalkidonos 56 - 58

Very often you are not ready for everything that is happening, and also very often there is nothing that can prepare you for what is not going to happen. Everything carries on within a second of non-readiness, in a continuous procedure of non-readiness that creates the space for events. Slowly or quickly you inhabit every moment making it a home, you are trying it on or leaving it beside you until it vanishes. You are standing on the edge of a high cliff, much like when we stand for a bit before we dive into the sea, and you are wondering if reality is actually the air, the water, the view or all that waiting that you are not ready to put an end to. Life is organized around non-readiness, first times, and pauses.

Using as a starting point a very familiar mental state, Enterprise Projects presents a condition that stands between the iconography of a sense and the search for a certain solution. What are you doing when you are not doing what you are not ready for?

For the time being we will contemplate, sorry captain.

*all photos by: Stathis Mamalakis


Chairs: Hypercomf
Paintings: Theodoros Gennitsakis
Video: Lola Gonzalez
Sculpture: Anastasia Douka